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Welcome to Loc'd n Naturally where we specialize in all things LOCS. We provide more services that include plaits, twist, braids, and most natural hairstyles. Kimberley, aka Kim Pozzible, is a Licensed Master Loctician, Natural Hairstylist, and a Certified Scalp Therapist. She's had a passion for hair care for over 20 years and loves to educate individuals on their hair journey and natural beauty. Her goal is to reach, mentor, and motivate as many people as she can.

We give one on one hair care for each client.   


When you come to Loc'd n Naturally, you're trusting us to aide to your personal betterment. We are committed to teaching you about your specialized maintenance care instructions. 


Do you understand your scalp? Do you have a scalp condition? Have you been diagnosed with a certain condition? Well, Kim can assist you with healing your scalp. She is dedicated to making sure that you understand the condition and taking the steps to heal. 


At Loc'd n Naturally, we are diligent, friendly, and very knowledgeable. We don't just "DO HAIR ", we CARE!

Alongside, professional haircare hairstylist, we also have a nail tech, and a makeup artist. 
The friendly and experienced team here at Loc'd n Naturally guarantees quality service at affordable prices. We offer an incredible range of techniques and expertise that will leave you feeling absolutely amazing.

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